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2nd Grade Curriculum

Students spent four weeks selecting items to make a visual collage for an "I Spy" picture.  During this time they created their own rhyme.  They took pictures of their collages with the iPads and then pulled those pictures in to Educreations to make the final product.  Enjoy!

I Spy a Bird I Spy a War Horse                    I Spy a Blue Button
I Spy an Army Tank I Spy a Button                          I Spy a Shiny Silver Ring
I Spy a Star I Spy a Giant Fly                      I Spy a Golden Rocking Chair
I Spy a Frog and a Log I Spy a Wet Snail                     I Spy a Red, White, and Blue Flag
I Spy an Orange Truck                        I Spy a Birthday Cake               I Spy Two Red Hearts 
I Spy a Big Mickey Mouse                   I Spy Three Roses                    I Spy a Can and a Man
I Spy a Jet with a Pet                          I Spy a Golden Football             I Spy Five Golden Cats
I Spy a Dinosaur                               I Spy Pirates                            I Spy a Snowball
I Spy a Unicorn                                 I Spy a Treasure Chest              I Spy Pom Poms