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Research Projects

Standard 1: Students will identify the task and determine the resources needed.
‚ÄčStandard 2: Students will locate sources, use information and present findings.

4th Grade Classes Sept. 3, 2013 – Nov. 15, 2013 
Students study research skills and apply those skills to a research project on Montana Native Tribes. Students select a tribe and work in partners to research, take notes, design a storyboard, and create an Educreations report to share out. Students have weekly lessons from 35-40 minutes in the library media center.

Here are the mini lessons students experienced:
Week 1 – Intro to Big 6 Research Process and the Destiny Library Search System (Morningstar Library Catalog)
Week 2 – Use Destiny to Identify a Research Task (Topic) - select a Montana tribe 
Week 3 – Locate and access the resources to be used for the project – Take Notes on iPad Notes
Week 4 – Use the Information– (read, view, listen) Take Notes and create a story board
Week 5 – Organize information for a report in a storyboard– View Educreations demonstration for what the 8 slide project will be.
Week 6 – Introduction to finding images online and using them in a project.  Practice putting research project together using Educreations. 
Week 7 – Organize information into report and storyboard. Go over Rubric for Educreations project. 
Week 8 – Work on bibliography using EasyBib and finalize project, focus on architecture and dwellings of Montana Tribes and finalize. 
Week 9 – Self evaluate and reflect on strengths of the report and process and next steps for an improved research project and process.

See the Information Literacy/ Library Media Matrix to see Standards addressed in this project.